Dominion Lending Centre’s Jen Fuentes is a Langley mortgage broker who finds the right mortgage for each customer. When you’re shopping for a mortgage for your new home, refinancing to do a debt consolidation or utilize equity for home improvements or simply renewing your mortgage, you have a lot of options.

One of your first decisions is whether to work with a major bank or with a mortgage broker.

Don’t expect to get the best mortgage interest rate from your bank. Canada’s Big 5 Banks earned $9.89 billion in profits during the third quarter of 2016, a 13% increase from the year before. Saving consumers money isn’t their priority. Increasing profits is their priority!

Personal service is not a strength with the major banks. From your credit score to your down payment there are many variables affecting the mortgage available to you and your pre-approval. The big banks, at branch level, don’t typically spend the time you need to really understand your options.

Jen Fuentes is an independent mortgage broker working to benefit each and every client.  Her mission is to find the best mortgage product for each client and save them time and money.

Jen Finds the Best Mortgage for Each Client
Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. You need to find the right mortgage for you and your unique situation.  Jen has relationships with top lenders and can shop for the right mortgage.  It’s not all about mortgage rates.  Of course, you want the best rate available but you also want the right mortgage product and terms for you.

No Cost to the Consumer
Jen Fuentes is an independent licensed mortgage broker. She’s not tied to any one lender or a range of products. Jen is compensated through a finder’s fee by the lender based on the mortgage amount. The consumer is not charged up front and Jen only gets paid when a mortgage is completed. You don’t directly pay for her services.

Educating Her Clients
Jen works hard to educate her clients so they make informed and intelligent decisions about their home and mortgage. She helps her clients understand information about the mortgage approval process including: bank options, interest rate options, the terms and fine print, what supporting documents are required, what expenses to expect and the list goes on.

Jen prepares her clients for the process from start to finish is essential to making the home buying experience enjoyable and successful.