RCMP Relocation Services Assist RCMP Members with Making a Move

Do you work for Royal Canadian Mounted Police and are relocating for a job? The RCMP Relocation Services helps make the process easy and affordable with several perks!

Jen Fuentes has assisted several RCMP members and their families with their relocation. As an experienced mortgage broker, Jen assures the transition to a new home is seamless.

A main feature of RCMP Relocation Services is reimbursement of costs for selling the current home and purchasing a new one. Some expenses covered are real estate commissions, legal fees, property transfer tax and potentially other items. Other items include mortgage penalties, interest and fees for bridge loans, appraisals, termination of lease commitments and more.  Each relocation is unique. The RCMP Relocation Coordinator determines additional expenses covered beyond the standard reimbursements.

Experience with RCMP Relocation Services Matters

RCMP has an approved list of solicitors that assist when selling an existing home and purchasing a new one. Jen Fuentes works closely with the solicitor handling your purchase transaction to ensure a smooth and efficient completion.

In April 2017, the relocation process changed to an internal RCMP Relocation Coordinator. Previously, the process was done through Brookfield – a service provider for government employees. Moving to work internally there have been a few changes to the relocation program’s process. One of the changes includes advancing the funds that cover the home purchase costs such as legal fees, property transfer tax, appraisals, etc directly to the RCMP member. The member then brings to their solicitor’s office at their signing appointment to complete the purchase transaction of their new home. This may seem like an insignificant change. On the mortgage approval side of things, additional information is required by the bank and mortgage insurance company when the money is advanced directly to the RCMP member vs. sent direct to the solicitor. Jen Fuentes intimately understands the process and makes sure the bank gets the required documents needed so there are no last-minute delays or stress.

RCMP Relocation Services does a fantastic job easing the burden of moving for the members and their families. They also have an approved list of realtors that are familiar with the program and process. Jen Fuentes works closely with the realtors to assure there are no loose ends and to minimize the stress and eliminate any additional work for the RCMP member relocating.