20 Mar

Do you have a nasty mortgage renewal rate being offered?


Posted by: Jennifer Fuentes

Below is a snipet from a Globe & Mail article over the weekend explains how homeowners in Canada have been spoiled with fixed in the range of 2.5-3% in the recent past. Now that these mortgages are coming up for renewal, the shock of what the new payment will be can be alarming. Re-allocating hundreds of dollars to a mortgage payment can seem impossible!

SOME TIPS: shop renewal interest rates, consider a variable rate mortgage, extend your amortization if possible, and if your mortgage is insured some banks offer MUCH more competitive rates!
Ask me for more details if your mortgage is coming up for renewal!

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23 Feb

What is a Private Mortgage?


Posted by: Jennifer Fuentes

What is a private mortgage?


Yes Wikipedia you are right! When you do not qualify at a regular financial institution such as a bank or credit union,…

Posted by DLC Gold Financial Services – Mortgage Professional Jen Fuentes on Friday, February 23, 2018