Jen Fuentes is a licensed mortgage broker throughout British Columbia and has been in the mortgage industry for 13 years. Her primary market area is Fraser Valley and, specifically, Langley.  Jen grew up in Surrey, BC and is a resident of Langley.

Her passion is working with first-time home buyers. She works hard to educate her clients so they make informed and intelligent decisions about their home and mortgage. Jen’s philosophy as a mortgage broker is very simple: no two clients or home buyers are exactly alike and no two situations are exactly alike, therefore a one-size-fits-all approach to mortgages is never in the best interest of her clients. She helps her clients understand information about the mortgage approval process including: bank options, interest rate options, the terms and fine print, what supporting documents are required, what expenses to expect and the list goes on.

Preparing her clients for the process from start to finish is essential to making the home buying experience enjoyable and successful. Not only that, her goal is to work with you in all of your real estate lending transactions.

Jen also specializes in mortgage finance planning and pre-approvals for law enforcement personnel. She is the wife of a member of the RCMP and is familiar with the transfer process of RCMP personnel. Jen has a loyalty program for members, and can accommodate appointment to shift work and help immensely through a relocation.