25 Apr

Determine the Best Mortgage for YOU!


Posted by: Jennifer Fuentes

Determine the Best Mortgage, for YOU!

1. Understand Your Expenses
do you have a budget?
2.Knowing Your Job Stability
– is your position in-demand? What is your long term employment/career goals?
3.Consider Your Limits
– what type of rate and amortization is best?
4. Know what you want in your home!
-Location, size, special features, lifestyle

Make sure you talk topics over with your mortgage broker to help find the right mortgage product for YOU!

See this article by a DLC professional for more details!

See article here!

3 Apr

Banks vs Credit Unions vs Monolines? Which to Choose for YOUR Mortgage?


Posted by: Jennifer Fuentes

When going over mortgage options with my clients, I always discuss banks, credit unions and monolines aka “broker lender” financial institutions.

Do you know which of the three:

  • will offer their discounted rates at renewal?
  • will have far lower exit penalties?
  • you could port your mortgage across Canada with?

Please ask me if you need clarification!

Here is a great article to see just some differences:

Banks vs Credit Unions vs Monolines